The San Leonardo estate is a special place, thanks to the passion of the people who live and work there. They are what makes this microcosm so magical, just as the wines which spring from it.


    Luigino Tinelli was born in San Leonardo and from an early age he worked assiduously, later becoming its director. He embodies like no other the spirit and traditions of this place. Thanks to his palate and his tenacity over the years he has been a great right-hand man to Marquis Carlo and the winemakers in the creation of our wines.


    Carlo Ferrini has been carrying out his role as winemaker at the estate since 1999 with care and rigour, but also with a human warmth that make him a valuable figure in all respects. Ferrini is now a great friend and thanks to his talent he has managed to respect and protect San Leonardo preserving its unique character all these years.


    Giacomo Tachis was the first great winemaker of the estate and worked alongside Marquis Carlo from 1985 to 1999, helping to develop the potential of San Leonardo. He provided uniquely valuable advice and helped to create the unique style of San Leonardo that remains intact to this day. Tachis has always been a great friend, and we are all very grateful to him.